Youth Services Program

Assists students with disabilities ages 14 to 22 gain independent living skills for successful transition from high school to community participation.

Some topics this program teaches are:

  • life skills
  • money and time management
  • dating
  • shopping
  • how to look for and maintain a job
  • community safety
  • completing forms for jobs
  • general hygiene
  • riding the bus, trax, and reading bus schedules

These skills are taught on location in high school classrooms and post-high school classrooms.

Nursing Home Transition Program

This program provides services to people living in nursing homes who want to move out into the community. Services available also help divert individuals living in the community from having to enter a nursing home. The program identifies the needs of participants, helping them make the transition and connects them to appropriate agencies and support systems in the community.

Contact Nursing Home & Youth Transition

Solamaz Matboo
Solamaz Matboo
Transition and Diversion Specialist
Kathy Self
Kathy Self
Youth Transition Coordinator
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