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Holly Mahoney

Executive Director
Ext. 203

Kim Meichle

Assistant Director
Ext. 207

Tiffany Montoya

Office Manager
Ext. 220

Community Integration

Jan Bigelow

Community Integration Coordinator
Ext. 219

Deaf Independent Living

Sari Williams

Peer Support Deaf Specialist
ASL Video Phone: (385) 300-8521

Janene Siteman

Peer Support Deaf Specialist
ASL Video Phone: (385) 831-0785

Nursing Home Transition Program

Jeannie Hodgkiss

Transition and Diversion Specialist
Ext. 215

Youth Services

Kathy Self

Program Director
Ext. 211

Hailee Montoya

Youth Transition Specialist - Junior High
Ext. 213

Kayla Williams

Youth Transition Specialist

Ext. 214

Toni Makoff

Youth Transition Specialist
Ext. 212

Outreach & Independent Living Program

Andy Andersen

Independent Living Service Coordinator
Ext. 209

Susan Andersen

Independent Living Service Specialist

Ext. 208

Louann Ditmyer

Independent Living Skills Instructor

Ext. 205

Assistive Technology Program

April Dutton

Assistive Technology Specialist
Ext. 221

Loan Bank Program

Chelsea Walton

Secretary Receptionist/Loan Bank Services
Ext. 201


Nick Reeves

Driver / Community Integration Specialist
Ext. 206

Tooele Branch

Tina Stuart

Tooele Youth Transition Specialist / Office Manager
Phone: (435) 843-7353

Mimi Hakala

Tooele Independent Living Skills Specialist
Phone: (435) 843-7353