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Advocacy is central to Utah Center for Independent Living's mission. UILC offers both individual, group, and systems advocacy. Individual advocacy is assisting an individual with a disability to protect his or her rights or to fight for the needed resources. Systems advocacy advances civil rights and equals access for all persons with disabilities on the local, state, and federal levels

Independent Living Skills

Provides skills training to enhance the independence of adults with disabilities in their homes, families, and communities.  The program provides classes in cooking, assertiveness, relationships, financial management, adjustment to disability, and others as consumer needs dictate. Persons with disabilities can also get help finding accessible housing, receive peer support, and work individually with staff.

Nursing Home Transition Program

This program provides services to people living in nursing homes who want to move out into the community. Services available also help divert individuals living in the community from having to enter a nursing home. The program identifies the needs of participants, helping them make the transition and connects them to appropriate agencies and support systems in the community.

Peer Support

Providing training in skills such as: Bus Training, Cooking, Budgeting, One-on-One, Resource Navigation. Also proviging resources and navigating application for resources.

Additional Services

UILC Additional Services are those programs that we offer that do not fall into the "Core Services" categories, but still are impactful to those with disabilities leading independent lives.

Information and Referrals

UILC can be a contact point for people with disabilities, their families, and the community in locating available services and products such as affordable, accessible housing, transportation options, adaptive equipment, support services, and more.

Youth Services

Assists students with disabilities ages 14 to 22 gain independent living skills for successful transition from high school to community participation.


Additional Services

Outreach & Independent Living (IL) Skills Program

The Utah Independent Living Center covers Salt Lake County, Tooele County, and Summit County. This includes areas that may be far from Salt Lake and difficult for consumers to access our regular services.

Loan Bank

We loan assistive equipment to those who have a temporary need for equipment, such as a person needing equipment while waiting for funding to purchase their own or a person needed a temporary wheelchair while their own is repaired.

Deaf Independent Living Services

Assists people who are deaf or hard of hearing to achieve greater independence through providing individual support and classes to gain daily living skills and access needed resources.

Community Integration

Opportunities are provided for persons with disabilities to participate in recreational and leisure activities in the community. Trips are organized to community activities and events in order for persons with disabilities to interact with people in their community while learning how to use and access community resources.

Assistive Technology

The UILC Assistive Technology Program provides assistive technology related services to increase personal independence of people with disabilities at home and in the community. This program consists of non paid services such as peer support, community networking or coordinating resources and paid services which are the purchase of assistive equipment, evaluations, training etc, needed by consumers to be more independent. Unlike the Loan Bank Program, this program helps consumers access resources to purchase customized assistive equipment they need to be more independent.